Whānau overseas

“As Indigenous peoples, Māori and Pasifika are global by nature. Moana Nui has the ability to connect us. Our stories are amplified across our digital ocean – reaching across Aotearoa but also throughout Te Moana-nui-a-Kiva and the world. In 2021, the global Indigenous world is more connected than ever – Moana Nui will work to enhance this. Moana Nui is for all lovers of great art and great story. Kia Mau is very proud to be exploring this new digital space.” Mīria George

Our fiercely loving and fabulously living family in Aotearoa gave us the land to plant the seed that has become Deer Woman. This June, 2021, we return to them – virtually – with our shining new video edit of the work, on screen. Our sister company Downstage made this video iteration possible. Please catch all the good mahi in the Kia Mau Festival’s online series, Moana Nui, also featuring Ahi Kā a series of short docs about brilliant creatives sure to galvanize and inspire.

We are honoured. We are held. We are seen. We are grateful.

our camera-reluctant director at BATS theatre

Deer Woman RETURNS!

Cherish masked

Deer Woman will be hosted LARGE and free of CHARGE for you all, by the National Arts Centre’s Indigenous Theatre team.

We’re so grateful this partnership gave us the chance to go back into the made-for-streaming video version we shot in September, with the beautiful Downstage Performance Society in Mohkinstsis, and do a re-cut. Always pressed for time, we wanted Lila’s story to be accessible to everyone who was longing for a chance to hold space with community in vigil on October 4th, as we have done for so many years. Now, we are even more thrilled with the video – same brilliant actor, same bold story – and will launch on time for another traditional gathering for all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirit folx, on February 14.

The free stream begins February 14, 2021 at 10am EST and is available for your witnessing until February 21, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST. All of the details are HERE.

Deer Woman endures

This pandemic has shifted everybody’s plans. It is our profound hope that lessons of good are gained during this fallow theatre time, and the world as a whole will become more just.

We had to postpone a trip to our family in Australia, initially planned for July 2020. Yirra Yaakin, we love you and will see you when we can.

Colombia has postponed us from August 2020 to a potential date later this year – this all relies on a global healing. We will continue breathing and aspire to explore Bogota and the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. We look to the future with open hearts.

Cherish Blood in Deer Woman reading, image by Andy Moro

Deer Woman slays in Aotearoa

We were invited, we were warmly welcomed, we rocked the BATS theatre with Deer Woman at Tawata Productions’ Kia Mau Festival.  Stay tuned for future Turtle Island and Australian plans for our latest ground rocking show. #TheFutureIsIndigenous

#CANADA 150 @ edinburgh

Santee Smith in the original iteration of DECLARATION, 2013

#Canada150 when will you end?

seriously, so many invitations to partake in your events.
so many brilliant colleagues roped into feeling complicit with these weird parties.

we’re in edinburgh now, proud to be the noted voice of dissent at Selfconscious’s canada hub. we’re doing a DECLARATION.  friend and fellow fiesty rabble-rouser michael rubenfeld contacted us about an available slot for Indigenous content, and we quickly suggested a handful of wonderful, relatively affordable shows colleagues have made. rubenfeld listened patiently (he’s good at listening and asking questions) and then asked us “what about you guys? i was thinking you could come and  for the month and just do whatever you want.”

we blinked and fluttered. we accepted. we planned. we gathered beautiful collaborators. we are blessed. and now we are here.
we’ll be welcoming santee smith, lee maracle, semiah kaha:wi smith and artists based in the UK such as abdul and shane from Fio as well as visiting artists of Hot Brown Honey!

hope to see you in august.

Reckoning MTL

at Onishka Prodcutions’ Indigenous Contemporary Scene, June 2017.
Centaur Theatre, Thursday, June 8 at 8 pm and Friday, June 9 at 8 p.m.
This production was made possible through support of Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal’s Residency program.

featuring Jonathan Fisher, Marcel Petit, Tara Beagan, Julie Tamiko Manning and Andy Moro.
production assistance by Aurora Torok.

Photo of Jonathan Fisher in Part 3: Survivor by Adrian Morillo.