Brandon was cast as “Emmett” in the Section “Daughter.” He has had to step away from the project for the time being due to unforeseeable tragedy. Send a prayer his way. He can use it. We love Brandon as a man and an artist, and we look forward to welcoming him back when we move forward with Reckoning.


Brandon’s maternal grandfather Alex was the second youngest of twelve children. Ten of the twelve were hidden by their father from Indian agents and priests on an Island across from Akwesasne/ St.Regis, QC. The two eldest son and daughter were taken to an unknown location and never seen again. Years later the family traced the missing sister’s path to Scarborough ,ON. but were unable to locate her grave. The brother died an alcoholic, freezing to death on the streets of Syracuse, NY.

Brandon’s paternal great grandfather Peter was sent to Carlisle Indian School. He lived a good and kind life considering his experience but had bouts with alcohol. He helped himself as much as he could, and went on to become a medicine man.