PJPJ plays “Shannon” in a two-hander that centres around the daughter of both an IRS survivor (her mom attended) as well as a former staff member (dad taugh welding.) Brandon Oakes is her scene partner in this telling.

PJ’s dad, Joe Merasty, is a Residential School Survivor– his experience of more than twelve years in these Industrial ‘schools’ forever changed the course of his life.  When he was recently forced to dredge up his experience, over the course of five long years, the impact struck their family with the force of a tidal wave.  Because of the devastating aftermath and fallout of her dad’s inquiry, PJ wished to see a mandatory support system put in place for the survivors and their family members, suffering from PTSD from within this collective soul wound.  PJ is reminded on a daily basis of her mother’s strength and capacity for forgiveness, and mostly, her friggin’ wonderful joie de vivre.