JOHHNY BJonathan stars in the solo section Survivor. He plays an Indian Residential School survivor who has unusual and rather extreme plans for his meager payout from the TRC.

Jonathan is from the largest unceded freshwater island in “Canada,” Manitoulin. He is from the proud Wikwemikong community, where the first known European person to arrive there was a Jesuit priest. While not unusual for lands currently within the borders of Ontario, it is of note that the missionaries built a day school for the people on the island before they even completed building the church. The day school became a Residential School in 1879. Schools were granted monies per student, and parents were threatened with imprisonment if they did not send their school-age children to the IRS. Survivors of the IRS at Wiky have stated that the proximity to home was particularly tortuous as children because they could see home from windows at school, but they were not free to go there.