JOHNJohn performs the solo dancetheatre section Witness. His role is that of a lawyer serving as an adjudicator of hearings for the TRC. The strain of his work, like many involved with the TRC, causes great wear on his psyche.

From the adjudicators’ home site:

“The Independent Assessment Process (IAP) is part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement – the largest class action settlement in Canadian history. The agreement aims to bring a fair and lasting resolution to the harm caused by residential schools. It involved representatives of Aboriginal groups, churches, the government of Canada, and the legal profession. It was approved by the courts.

The IAP is for former students who have a claim of sexual or serious physical abuse. It provides them with a way to settle their claim more quickly, out of court. The process is designed to be claimant-centred, but fair and neutral. It is an adjudication process. The Adjudicator resolves claims and awards compensation.”

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