Paul Chaput

Paul has been the Elder Research Collaborator for Reckoning. He has worked especially closely on the section Witness, starring John Ng.

Paul is Métis from the Red River in Manitoba. Like his mother and her siblings, he attended a Roman Catholic Residential School in the village of St. Adolphe. It was operated by Grey Nuns and Priests. Fortunately, students living in the village could return home after school each day.

Paul was the Aboriginal consultant for the creation and the delivery of the curriculum to train 37 adjudicators (former judges and lawyers) for the Indian Residential Schools Resolutions Canada’s Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) process. Based on consultations with national stakeholders including: the National Working Caucus, the Aboriginal Working Caucus, former students of residential schools, counsel for the claimants, counsel for the Churches, and the Department of Justice, the ADR was an alternative to the litigation process. Throughout the training curriculum, Paul facilitated all sessions in which former students recounted their experiences of abuse while attending residential school and the resulting impact on their lives.

Elder Collaborator Paul Chaput’s presence is generously sponsored by Canadian Stage.