Leslie McCue by Redworks

Leslie is the administrative producer for Reckoning and ARTICLE 11 thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts and their DSATO program.

Leslie’s partner of twelve years – Lindy – is a second generation survivor of residential schools and 6th generation descendant of Mookomaanish, a war chief from the War of 1812. Over 10 members of his family, including Leslie’s mother in-law and aunties, attended Spanish Indian Residential School, close to Manitoulin Island. Leslie’s grandfather was a fluent language speaker, teacher and musician who worked towards preserving the language and Mississauga dialect. Leslie’s maternal grandmother is also a fluent language speaker. Leslie and Lindy have made a commitment towards actively learning their language before starting a family of their own. Although no one in Leslie’s immediate family attended IRS, the waves from the residential school legacy can be felt throughout her community, Curve Lake First Nation.