Initial writing of this work was prompted by an invitation to Beagan to participate as an artist in a theatrical event series called Wrecking Ball, in 2008. The implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had scarcely begun. The first draft of Daughter was written. The work was set aside on sound advice from director Weyni Mengesha, who recognized that the content was too inflamed to be shaped as art at that time.

Several years later, Beagan was granted writing support through the Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators Reserve program, thanks to recommenders fu-GEN and Great Canadian Theatre Company.

Beagan and Moro founded A11 in 2013 and Moro was taken by the short script. Through conversations,  A11 outlined the remaining two sections of the triptych. Casting and collaboration in studio brought the full piece to fruition, with support from the OAC’s Aboriginal Arts Program. Support for premiere production at the Theatre Centre came through the Toronto Arts Council’s Indigenous Arts Project and the Canada Council’s Theatre Projects programs.

Reckoning has played theatrically in Tkaronto, Amiskwacîwâskahikan, Edinburgh and Tiohtià:ke. The play is published by Scirocco Press.