DECLARATION: Repatriation @ROM extended

~ Kitsuné Soleil in living diorama “Display” in ARTICLE 11’s show at ROM ~


ARTICLE 11 proposed a challenging project to the TAC’s Animating Historic Sites and Museums last year. A piece that would confront the existence and conduct of the very venue we suggested house us. Real, live Indians at the ROM! It seldom happens, unless you count National Aboriginal Day and the now expanded National Aboriginal Month. Perhaps you’ve attended one of the kick ass Friday Night Live events in Junes past – they are pretty killer.

This aside, the ROM has cultural treasures that belong to our people: collected, acquired, stolen and more. Like every museum in the country, our grandmothers’ and grandfathers’ gorgeous and intricate arts and crafts appear behind glass, and identified only by year and sometimes by nation. The “collector” is, at times, named, thanks be to Her Majesty. Our friend, a past DECLARATION collaborator, Monique Mojica let us know Geronimo’s colours are at the ROM. how strange it all seems.

Credit to the ROM that they have demonstrated a progressive enough approach to have us in the Roloff Beny gallery throughout June. Our work is subversive and beautiful. Our live show of June 5th was such a hit that the ROM are funding a repeat performance on June 19th. A Franco-Ontarian celebration, we and our collaborators will bring Blackfoot, Anishnaabemowin and Cree to the festivities.

Join musician/actor Plex (Ojibwe), literary icon/educator Lee Maracle (Stó:lō), actor/comedian Cherish Violet Blood (Blackfoot), grass dancer Theola Ross (Cree) and actor/burlesque artist Kitsuné Soleil (Cree) as we light up the ROM Friday, June 19 beginning at 8pm.

The installation runs, in all its splendour, through to July 5th during regular ROM hours.