Deer Woman

Photo of Cherish Violet Blood as Deer Woman by Prudence Upton

Deer Woman is a solo warrior woman work of righteous vengeance, starring Cherish Violet Blood. Lila is a big sister whose little one was stolen. She is the daughter of a hunter who taught her all he knew. She’s ex-army, but can’t seem to leave all that training behind. Circumstances converge and Lila finds the perfect opportunity to avenge her younger sister’s murder while exercising the skills the Canadian government trained into her.

Edinburgh, come catch us.
We are proud to be at Indigenous Contemporary Scene at CanadaHub at King’s Hall (part of Summerhall) this fringe season. We run every day at 2:30pm, with Mondays off, closing August 24, 2019.

“in Andy Moro’s intense production for ARTICLE 11 Theatre, Cherish Violet Blood delivers an unforgettable performance” The Scotsman

Deer Woman challenges the audience to fight for what is important to you at your core; because if you don’t, who will?” The Skinny

“This is by no means the middle-class-targeted “pain porn” which Lila mocks at earlier: it’s life, sharp as her knife.” Broadway Baby

“It’s a startling, extreme show, delivered in a spellbinding performance by Cherish Violet Blood” The Artsdesk

“This is incendiary stuff” The Guardian  (wherein, for the first time, a white male reviewer calls the white male murderer of the protagonist’s sister a “suspect” rather than believing in his guilt.)

Gadigal Country, you were wonderful… courtesy of Sydney Festival

“It’s not often you go to the theatre and are so enthralled, while being taken on this intimate unraveling of what seems like some sort of confession, never quite sure where it’s going, but too captivated to care. ARTICLE 11’s Andy Moro , Tara Beagan and Cherish Violet Blood have created an extraordinary night in the theatre I hope to see tour everywhere!! Brilliant!!!”
–Rachael Zoa Maza, AD of Ilbijerri Theatre

“Deer Woman is a work of immense power” The Conversation

“performed by the inimitable Cherish Violet Blood in a gutsy, poignant performance” AUDREY Journal


Te Whanganui-A-Tara

Deer Woman premiered at Tawata Productions’ Kia Mau Festival, June 2018. We debuted at the Heyday Dome at BATS Theatre.

“Vengeful, playful, and absolutely not polite” theatreview by Kahu Katia.

This experience was rich with generosity from Tawata and BATS, with special thanks to Patrick Davies.

Turtle Island

Deer Woman was written at the Banff Centre Playwrights Retreat February 2017. The script came to fullness when Cherish agreed to collaborate as performer.

The work received 3.5 days of development at Native Earth’s Weesageechak Begins to Dance festival in November of 2017, with Andy Moro directing and designing. Lacey Hill has since joined the team as sound designer/composer, has created two original songs inspired by Deer Woman, and works as an onstage manager during performances.

Deer Woman is a highly provocative piece, filled with a rage often hidden from public view, which leaves an audience to wrestle with complex questions around violence, complicity, and forgiveness.” -Keith Barker, Métis, AD of NEPA

“Seeing Deer Woman struck me to my core. As a survivor of many abuses myself and having to write and post a MISSING poster for my little sister, the story was felt viscerally, as it reflected a painful reality for too many Indigenous women today and for centuries before. This story gave voice to those who are missing their beloveds, knowing that their perpetrator/murderer continues on in their behavior causing endless pain to countless others. The rawness of this story still moves me to tears and will continue to live with me. I am shaken, I am haunted, I am touched, I am grateful for Deer Woman and the very courageous and talented work of Tara Beagan and Andy Moro.” -Ashley Bomberry, multi-disciplinary Haudenosaunee artist

Deer Woman pushes the boundaries of staged story telling with its grotesque depiction of the lengths humanity will go to when facing severe trauma. Deer Woman questions what we are capable of doing when good intentions can lead to a path of dehumanization and ultimately questions morality.” – Samantha Brown, emerging Indigenous actor/playwright

“Congrats once again on Deer Woman. Wow! So disturbing and yet it restored some of my inspiration which has gone missing for a while now.” – Monique Mojica, Rappahannock/Kuna veteran artist of 45+ years.

“Oh my god. It was just awesome. And Cherish was so f%&king excellent! Too powerful!” Jonathan Fisher, established Anishnaabe actor.

“The students here at CIT were blown away!” – Herbie Barnes Anishnaabe actor/playwright/improv artist and educator at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre


Edinburgh & Melbourne 2019