photo of Owen Louis Soop by Andy Moro for RUN at the Mush Hole Project, 2016.

A11 is creating a self-contained version of RUN that can bring the truth of the experience to any venue.

Set beneath the main staircase in Brantford’s Mush Hole, and originally created for The Mush Hole Project, the response to RUN was so visceral and heartfelt that it must have further life.

An installation with life-like video projection, RUN is a rare view into a runaway student’s punitive experience. A small child, bracing himself in the dark. Hearing presence nearby but not knowing what kind – enemy or friendly? Hungry, alone and far from home, the under-stairwell punishment was sadly not unusual at Indian Residential Schools. We see a bone-chilled boy and his own memories of running, afraid, through the woods surrounding the school separating him from home.

RUN is an ode to our young peoples’ spirit of survival.