sesquicentennial is a what now?

DECLARATION is a work that ARTICLE 11 curates with Indigenous artists in your area.

  1. we take the context of your programming and fuse it with an unconventional venue. we design a creation space therein.
  2. we work with you to find kind, brave and political Indigenous collaborators from your region – musicians, dancers, actors, Elders and youth. we invite them to join us in the space we created with your event.
  3. we host a creation lab throughout the day and have performance offerings in the evening. this creates dialogue with the general population and the Indigenous artists on board, who are declaring their right to work and live in a good way.
  4. we share increased strength and celebrate the collaboration.

“A successful disruption.” Sarah Garton Stanley, Artistic Associate of English Theatre at the NAC, on witnessing DECLARATION at Ontario Scene.

“This is the way we should always work.” Monique Mojica, storied artist and DECLARATION collaborator

“Your exhibit left me physically chilled. It left me without words. Thank you.” Heather, audience member of DECLARATION at the ROM